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Bonefish Camp 6 - Day 4

Day 4 begins with grand expectations. The wind continues to howl as the sun lights up the flats. The ever exquisite buffalo trunkfish keeps us entertained.

Of course, we are hoping for big bones. The fishing improves in the afternoon, reaching its zenith around the hour I told myself I would leave to meet Sean and Davis.

I relent and tell Robb I'm heading back. Nearly back to my kayak, a school of 60 intercepts me. I pick one off. I grab the kayak and start walking to the channel. A school of 80 comes right at me. I anchor, cast and hook up. Back to walking. Another school interrupts. Fine. fine. One more fish. Now I'm sure to be late. I start to paddle to resist temptation. Sure enough, another massive school comes right at me. My stomach churns as I keep paddling

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