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  • Does Kaniak Expeditions provide guiding services?
    Kaniak Expeditions does not directly provide guiding services but does arrange for fishing days with vetted local guides for all locations except for Bonefish Camp & Red Sea Camp. Camps are split 50/50 days wise for guided vs. fishing (as a group) on our own. Experienced anglers will relish the chance to fish from dawn to dusk and shots at large fish. Novice flyfisher’s will welcome the robust pre-trip education, frequent chances at fish, and the company and knowledge of the tour leader and fellow anglers. Trips are structured to ease the planning and logistical hassles of remote fishing trips while still providing the adventure and freedom that comes with on-foot fishing. Kaniak Expeditions will provide extensive pre-trip education. Education packets are delivered upon receipt of deposit. Where available, we will gladly connect you with vetted local guides that can get you on fish in a less labor intensive way.
  • Why on-foot fly fishing?
    We are firm believers in the joys of on-foot fishing. The Experience The intensity of the experience is enhanced when you, and you alone, must sneak up on a tailing fish using solely your own feet. You are intruding into the fish's world and you must not be noticed. Sight Fishing The visual component of fishing is magnified on-foot. Because you can get closer to the fish, the odds of true sight fishing are improved. Education When you can see the fish, you can learn quickly. When you are able to see the fish react, you can begin to understand what works and what does not. Usually you will learn by error! Fishing Time On-foot fishing often more than doubles your fishing time compared to a 2 anglers/one boat set up. In a typical 2 angler skiff set up, you hit the water at 8am, run 30 minutes to an hour to the best fishing areas, and then take turns on the bow throughout the day. The boat is back to the dock by 4 or 5 pm. Let's break down that fishing time: 9 hours on the water, minimum of 1 hour total transport, even split of fishing time - all the sudden you are only fishing 4 hours on a fishing day. If you are physically capable of fishing all day, why would you settle for four hours of fishing? It does not make sense to us either. With on-foot fishing, your endurance and desire determines your fishing time. The tropics generally have 12 hours of daylight year round. Game on.
  • Why week long trips?
    When you commit to a fly fishing adventure, you want the best possible outcome. At Kaniak Expeditions, we take the trust of your hard earned money and vacation time seriously. We work hard to make sure you have the best experience every single time. When it comes to travel fly fishing, many factors are in play. First and foremost, is the travel itself. It takes time to get to remote fisheries. The cost and time to travel for a 6 day trip is the same as a 3 day trip. Second, is the weather. No matter the season, bad weather days can happen. When a trip has 6 fishing days, the chances of weather ruining all of those fishing days diminishes. Additionally, most anglers tend to hit a groove fishing-wise after the first couple of days. Your cast is cleaner, your eyes are tuned in and you are reading the behavior of the fish quicker. The quality of the fishing improves. We know it can be tough to step away from work and family commitments for an entire week, but if you can, you will be able to truly immerse yourself in the ecosystem and the art of fly fishing.
  • How will I know if on-foot saltwater fly fishing is right for me?
    If you have to work hard to achieve a goal, do you find it more satisfying? Do you want to have the chance to fish from sunrise to sunset? Do you want to test yourself and see if you really can fish for 12 hours in day? Does the thought of tiptoeing through ankle deep water while an 8 pound bonefish eats blissfully in ignorance make your heart beat faster? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to experience on-foot saltwater fly fishing!
  • What level of fly fishing skill is needed to join a Camp?
    Camps are open to all levels of fly fishers. With that said, adequate preparation is necessary in order to take full advantage of the Camps offering. The ability to cast at least 40 feet in a tropical breeze is critical. Fortunately, with professional instruction and practice this skill is generally attainable within a few months prior to trip departure. We are happy to connect you with our network of trusted fly casting instructors.
  • What level of physical fitness is needed to join a Camp?
    We specialize in on-foot fly fishing. This style of fishing necessitates both physical & mental fitness. For physical fitness, leg and core strength are the name of the game. You should be comfortable being on your feet for an entire day's fishing and covering 3-5 miles with relative ease. For mental fortitude, an appreciation of hard work is the key. The mentality that effort makes an activity more enjoyable and rewarding goes a long way when it comes to on-foot fly fishing.
  • I need fish pics to spruce up my dating apps/social media/make my coworkers envious, can Kaniak help?
    We like to think that a fishing trip is about much more than just photos, but don't worry there will be plenty of photos sent your way. We are passionate about fish pics here at Kaniak.
  • How does trip payment work?
    We will invoice you for a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. Invoices can be paid either right here on the shop page (includes 3% credit card processing charge) or via Venmo. The remainder is due 90 days prior to trip departure. All payments are nonrefundable. We recommend clients make their own trip cancellation insurance arrangements.
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