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Red Sea Camp

Packages starting at $3,990
Upcoming Trips:
April 2-9, 2024

It started as a pandemic fever dream: A new GT destination that could be accessed in an increasingly shut down world. A few manic research nights in January led to a plan. And then Robb and I landed at midnight on the northeast coast of Africa in mid-April 2022.  

We showed up eyes wide open. By Day 3, we were convinced we were on to something special. The scenery alone merits a visit. Add the size and intensity of the fish that swim the stunning and healthy reef flats and edges and you have a fishing paradise. 

The triggerfish stole the show and the trip quickly saw shots at triggerfish dwarf the other species. All the usual suspects of the region roam these flats. Fly fishing for Giant Trevally, Napolean Wrasse, Mustache Triggerfish and Yellow Margin Triggerfish is never easy but expect chances and be ready to capitalize. With a little bit of luck anglers may get a shot at a permit or grouper to add some spice. 

Trips are scheduled around ideal tidal flows during the prime Spring & Fall weather window. 

Read more about our 2022 trip here.




On-foot sight fishing is the name of the game

Daily shots at Giant Trevally, Napolean Wrasse, Mustache Triggerfish and Yellow Margin Triggerfish left us salivating for a return to this fishing oasis. Some species were quicker to fool than others but opportunity abounded during our initial scouting trip in April of 2022. 

The terrain is not for the faint of heart. Proper footwear and awareness is critical for safety. Volcanic rock piles provide excellent vantage spots for scouting, in fact Austin first spotted Robb's big GT while climbing 40 feet above the water on a rock pile. 


Massive tidal swings (~6 feet) drive fishing activity. We found the best fishing occurred during the lowtides on our spring tide week. The reef flats were simply too deep to fish on the flood. Sun and wadeable flats lead to sight fishing heaven. One day during a single tidal swing on one flat, we had shots at numerous tailing triggers (titan & margin), blitzing GTs, cruising Napos, a massive grouper, and a tailing permit and a cruising permit (both were very rude). Sight fishing heaven. 





Packages starting at $3,990

Comfortable but rustic and truly a wilderness experience. Beach camping in a volcanic desert with no light pollution is a breath taking experience. Steady wind keeps thing cool and comfortable at night. The food was excellent and plentiful on our initial scouting trip. Plan to drink plenty of filtered water and refresh yourself with bucket showers. 


We will utilize a room in the capital city to store non-essentials (laptop, travel clothes, etc) during the trip so gear can be focused  for the task at hand!


 Tackle & Technique 

Tackle & Technique

9wts - 12wts are the needed tools. 

Pack the big boys for this one. Even the triggerfish are massive compared to other locations. Crustacean imitations on the 9wt and big baitfish flies on the 11/12wt.


We found the only way to really land triggers solo was to fish 25lb Fluoro tippet with a 1/0 SL12s 1x short hook. A 9wt is the perfect tool for this battle. Additionally, the Napos nailed crustaceans while ignoring baitfish flies - keeping a big , pissed off Napo out of the rocks with an 8wt was a challenge. Learn from our mistakes, best to go as strong as possible to start, aka a stout 9wt.

GT shots are fast & furious. Plan to carry two rods at all time and ditch your small rod to the water for big game chances.  



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