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Grand Slam Camp

Packages starting at $3,290
Upcoming Trips:

May 12-19, 2025

It is called Grand Slam camp for a reason. Opportunity beckons in the fertile waters of the Yucatán. 


A new favorite for most Kaniak’s, these trips fill up fast. Grand Slam Camp caps out at 6 anglers. Experienced anglers will relish the chance to fish from dawn to dusk and to have shots at Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon and Triggerfish. Novice saltwater fly fisher’s will welcome the robust pre-trip education, frequent chances at fish and the company and knowledge of the tour leader and fellow anglers. 


The trip is on-foot fishing focused with a day of panga fishing possible. Direct flights from most major US cities provide easy access. The season runs from October to May. 


Trips are 7 nights and 6 fishing days, with dates selected for the best tides. 

Read more about past trips here.




On-foot sight fishing is the name of the game.

With saltwater fly fishing, casting skills tend to land more fish. However, with on-foot fly fishing, the short game is pertinent. Being able to accurately cast 40 feet in steady wind is much more important than casting 80 feet. 


Tidal flow plays a major factor in activity for the oceanside sand flats and reef flats. We plan our trips to target our favorite tidal cycles. 

Permit and bonefish will cruise the sand flats and tail in the waves on the reef flats. Tarpon roll and smash baitfish in the weed filled coves. Triggerfish tail with abandon on rocky points. A cornucopia of sight-fishing awaits!

Sargasso (Sargassum weed) washes up on this coastline frequently and provides challenges and opportunity. When the weeds are thick, the fishing can be lights out right next door. Find the clear water next to the weeds and you will find fish taking advantage of the false cover the weeds provide to baitfish and crustaceans. Line management is crucial when fishing in these conditions. Permit, bonefish, snook, barracuda, tarpon and a variety of jacks can all be found hunting these hot spots. 

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Packages starting at $3,290 (double occupancy)

A comfortable house with gated courtyard serves as homebase and is a quick drive from the best flats.


Accommodations include A/C, a full kitchen (stove, refrigerator, etc), electricity, Wi-Fi, backyard pool, shower and toilet, and comfortable beds and couches. 

Breakfast is at the house, lunch is on the water and dinner is at one of the many excellent local restaurants in town. Fajitas on the malacón under the stars are trip favorite. 


 Tackle & Technique 

Tackle & Technique

7wt - 10wts are the needed tools. 

Plan to bring a couple of rods in the 7wt - 10wt range. A 7wt is a wonderful rod for low wind days, particularly on slick calm mornings. A sturdy 8wt or 9wt is needed for when the wind picks up, which is nearly every day. A 9wt is preferred for casting heavier permit flies. Plan to use weight forward, tropical floating lines to match the rods and 200 yards of 20 lb backing on a large arbor reel with a quality drag. 


A 10wt with floating line and 40 lb Fluoro tippet is our go to choice for Tarpon. The 10wt also serves as a great Predator rod when rigged with a wire tippet. 



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