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Mahseer Jungle Camp

An expedition to the world's second oldest rain forest awaits. Travel back in time to a lush environment that is 140 million years old. 


Multiple species of Mahseer and Hampala Barb are the chief targets for this expedition and the incredible scenery only adds to the adventure of a lifetime. Our good friend Fajar describes the massive jungle as “beautiful and scary at the same time.”


Fajar first described the wildness of the Borneo Mahseer fishery to Austin in 2017 when they were scouting for GTs on the eastern edge of Indonesia. Like any good fish tale, the Mahseer exploits merited further inquiry. Join us as we plunge into an adventure on the edge.  


All images courtesy of Fajar Setyawan

Packages starting at $3,990
Upcoming Trips:
January 15-22, 2025



Unparralled fighting strength 

Anglers will be paired up in fishing boats and will decide how to divide up fishing time, whether taking turns or fishing opposite sides. Poppers and heavy streamers are the best tactics. 


On-foot fishing is possible along certain tributaries to the main river. Additionally, it is usually possible to exit the boat to fight hooked fish, enabling a lower, more effective fighting angle and safe release. 


Physical fitness is necessary as anglers will need to be able to walk along the jungle banks while the boats navigate tricky rapids. 

Note: While the overall goal of these trips is to use catch & release fishing to  grow sustainable tourism  to protect the ecosystem, local custom dictates that an angler's first fish is a gift and should be eaten. Regardless of the size or species, each angler should be prepared to keep and eat their first catch of the trip.





Packages starting at $3,990 

“If you expect a fancy established resort/lodge type of fishery this is definitely not it, this is still a raw adventure, the lodging will be in jungle camp. We will bring plenty of food for the expeditions and the Dayak crew will still be doing real hunting and gathering because that's what they do on a daily basis: they live off the land. They are superb outdoorsmen and it's a privilege to see them in their natural elements.” - Fajar


Camp location can range from 800m-1,000m above sea level, meaning temperatures can be much cooler than you might expect so close to the equator.  Temperatures will generally drop to 15 Celsius during the dry season (Northern Hemisphere Summer).


Cots with sleeping bags or hammocks are available in camp.


 Tackle & Technique 

Tackle & Technique

8wts - 10wts are the needed tools

Strong tackle is a must. Lost fish, snapped tippet and broken rods are common. The Jungle Mahseer announces its arrival with a smashing take and then makes a blistering run for cover. 8-10wt rods, paired with floating, intermediate and sinking lines for the big pools. 


40-60lb Flouro tippets. 7”-8” streamers, preferably articulated, poppers and smaller baitfish patterns are the best bet. 



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