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Kaniak Visor
  • Kaniak Visor

    We believe fully in the power of the fishing Visor. 


    Visors are vastly superior to other fishing hats for 3 reasons

    • See better -  Keep sweat out of your eyes in the tropical heat. The terry cloth sweatband keeps the sweat out of your eyes better than anything else. 
    • Better coverage, better vision - A Tour visor has markedly more bill coverage than a regular hat. It is wider, deeper and does a way better job of keeping the sun out of your eyes. AND the underside of the bill is dark which limits the strain of sun on your eyes as well. 
    • Feel better - A visor allows heat to escape off the top of your head and for the breeze to cool it. Win, win, baby!


    ***If you are follicly challenged you can still enjoy the power of the visor - simply use a bandana or a buff underneath the visor to cover up that shiny dome***


      The Visor life is all or nothing. No turning back allowed. If the visor is messed up in someway in transit, I will send you another one, but you are going to wear a visor and you are going to like it!

    • Shipping

      Visors are pricey to ship as the box has to be overly large to not crush it.

      Free shipping if you order 5 visors ($150)

      Free shipping if you can do local pick up (Atlanta), or meet somewhere that I am guiding

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