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Little Corn Camp

Packages starting at $2,790 (double occupancy)

An expedition to a remote oasis awaits. Bonefish and Triggerfish are the main targets, with tantalizing shots at Permit, Tarpon and Parrotfish occurring regularly. Various Jacks also roam the flats and provide great sport. 


A cultural experience paired with an exhilarating fishery makes this a special trip. Austin first traveled to the Corn Islands in January, 2018. He struck up a friendship with local guide Brandon Fawcett over days on the water and dinners of fresh lobster and Tona.  Austin stayed as long as he could and vowed to return as soon as he left. 


Select photos courtesy of Brandon Fawcett




A remote oasis with broad diversity of fish

Sight fishing is the name of the game. High cliffs provide sweeping visibility of the rubble flats, allowing teamwork to play a role in spotting and feeding fish. On-foot visibility is excellent as well. Anglers will fish with Brandon to start the week and then branch out on their own, fishing solo or in pairs as they see fit. 

Tarpon will usually be rolling by first light. After the feeding frenzy, visibility arrives. With the sun at our back we will head to the rubble flats or walk the beach for sight fishing opportunities. Locations and tactics depend heavily on stages of the tide. Trailers, cruisers, and schools of fish provide steady action. By sunset, it's either time for more rolling tarpon or a well earned Nica Libre.


Physical fitness is necessary as anglers will need to be able to walk along jungle cliffs and navigate ruble flats safely.





Packages starting at $2,790 (double occupancy)

A bungalow overlooking the best bay for rolling tarpon is home base. Fans and a steady breeze keep things comfortable at night. Don't plan to sleep late though, electricity on the island turns off daily from 6am to noon. Plan to rise early, eat a big breakfast and fish til dark. 


Numerous restaurants are a quick walk away and provide ample meals of fantastic seafood.


 Tackle & Technique 

Tackle & Technique

7wts - 11wts are the needed tools

Variety is the spice of life. You never know what might swim your way in the Corn Islands. It is generally a 3 rod game. A bonefish set up, a permit/triggerfish rig and tarpon tamer to round things off. The dedicated tarpon rod will usually only be used at sunrise and sunset while the two lighter rods will be carried all day as we hunt the flats. 


Strong tackle is a must. Fish running over the reef edge and breaking your heart will happen. Tropical floating lines from 7wt-11wt will do the trick. (choose 3 different weights for best odds).



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