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Bonefish Camp 6 - Day 1

High winds, sleep in. Day 1 begins at a leisurely pace. We hit the water around 9. After some hopeful wandering and waiting, we accept that the winds are committed to keep the incoming tide off the creek flats. We trek back to the pluff sand. Sure enough, fish are milling about. After a few humbling encounters, this fish cooperates at 80 feet. It feels good to be back.

The wind stays heavy for the remainder of the day. We push into the skinny water in the early afternoon, following a different creek line that holds more water. We find sporadic shots but the fish are skittish and on edge. The water temp heats up, the water has been sitting in the sun for too long. We complete the route back to the kayaks and paddle to the channel. We find tailing fish as the sun sets.

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