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Bonefish Camp, December 2022. Day 1 & 2

We get lucky and are able to fish the sunset on our travel day. There is minimal activity but I manage to land a nice fish when I spy a tiny flash in the wind driven turbulence.

Robb with his PB Bonefish, Day 1

We hit the creek early and paddle hard to start the first day. On-foot fly fishing for bonefish is never easy but the weather can always help or hurt the cause. The water is higher than the tide table would suggest and cold. So very cold. We work across the mangroves, spooking a few, aiming for the oceanside flat in hopes of warmer temps on the low tide.

Author with Travel Day, sunset bonefish

Oceanside, I watch a small shark cruise by. And then a splash. The shark has spooked a monster bone. And in turn spooked itself. The chunky bone waddles to the edge of casting range. I land the improved bunny butters nearby. The bone turns and pounces on it. But nothing on the slow hookset. I strip and grab its attention again. Another pounce. But nothing. This time it spooks. Pain. The new fly variation is now 1 for 2 and quickly retired.

The bunny bitters variation that got retired

We paddle back to the mangroves for the evening flood. Dragging the yaks across a skinny flat I spy a tailer. Robb ditches his yak and gets into position. Kyle and I watch with high hopes. Robb connects and chaos ensues in tight quarters. I dismiss Robbs "How big is it question?" when the fish swims by because it is an absolute tank and I do not want to jinx the fight. Talent prevails and Roberto closes out a tough first day with a personal best.

Day 2 starts with a nice little hike

We hit the road in search of new frontiers for Day 2. A moonscape hike opens to a creek system and we fan out. We are greeted by a single bonefish swimming our way. The boys can’t see it in the glare. I make sure to respect the fish fully by catching it.

Hike rewards

Despite the promising start, the creek misses expectations, dragged down by the cool temps. A few fish to hand, a few rolling storms, and we turn back to catch the oceanside ebb.

When the sun is out but the rest of the sky is dark, the flats will glow. Easily my favorite sight fishing conditions

Storms a brewing

Even at dead low, the swell is up and sets of breaker roll across the flats. Fortunately, fish are sporadically tailing in the wave break, inches from the sand. It’s tantalizing fun while it lasts.

Fly prep for Day 3

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