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Bonefish Camp V - Day 2

Day 2 begins with fish spooking on false casts at 80 feet. Soon enough, we abandon the skinny water and wade towards the channel. The limited vis meant most fish were spotted too late, but around 9am I fed a fish at 40 feet and belief returned. Bo landed another shortly thereafter.

As the tide turned, we pushed back to the mangroves. Suddenly, it was on. I landed 3 greedy fish in quick succession, the third fish out of a school of 15. With four fish before 11am and the tide in our favor, I decided to go for ten on the day. I pushed deeper into the mangroves, expecting fish and finding none. I walked faster. Still nothing. I stubbornly pushed on.

By noon, I relented and curled back towards the kayaks, deciding to check an expansive flat that held fish sporadically in the past. Over the next two hours, the finest bonefishing I’ve experienced unfolded. Singles and doubles tailed aggressively in mere inches of water, not a fish under five pounds.

These fish demanded flawless presentations. Soon I found the trick. A 15’ leader ending in 3’ of 8lb fluoro with a size 8 Crazy Charlie. I spooked more than I fed, but by 2pm I reached my goal. However, the fish had the last laugh. I was out of #8 Charlies, one bent and one stolen.

Back at the kayaks, exhausted and content, I settled in for a nap. In time, Bo returned and we paddled to the sunset flat. As the sun dipped into the horizon, I watched Bo trick tailers. All was right with the world once again.

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