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Bonefish Camp V - Day 4

Day 4 welcomes us with relentless wind at day break. We quickly decide to sleep in. After a lengthy breakfast, we hit the road to fish the creeks on the lee side. Junior heads to “his” creek system and Bo and I hike along the volcanic rock to creek mouths 2 miles to the south.

The wind and rain humbles us but hints of visibility and spooked fish keep the spirits alive. Conditions improve in the early afternoon. With three days of bonefishing under his belt, Bo unleashes a legendary angling performance. He can do no wrong.

The exclamation point arrives after the creeks we are walking merge. I am now 50 yards ahead of Bo. I spot a fish and cast to it. Before it can eat, two other fish cruise by and spook past me. I motion to Bo that fish are heading his way. He lays out a cast and soon lands his 5th fish for the day. Bonefish Bo has arrived.

We hike back to the car as light fades. On the drive back, Junior tells us of the creek monster he landed. His photos are as good as the story.

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