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Bonefish Camp 6 - Day 3

As fun as kayaking in 20 knots can be, by Day 3 we are ready for a change of pace.

A foot powered session on a far away creek is the answer. We hit the road under rolling clouds. The sun breaks as we prowl the prettiest creek mouth I've seen. Deep blue channels cut across pearl pancake flats.

I work my way slowly to the back edge. I get distracted casting to a shark. Sure enough, I spook a school of bones off the only dark patch on the flat. A minute later, I spot a grey line in the channel. Double digit bones cruise this area and I hope this is one. My size 2 fly is quickly stolen. Cuda.

I put a perfection loop in my shortened leader. A loop to loop connection to the pre-tied wire leader and I’m ready. The first cast moves nothing. The second a quick bull rush. I strip off more line, cast across the channel and wait. I tuck the 8wt under my arm and get to two hand stripping. A thudding strike arrives.

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