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Bonefish Camp 8 - Day 4

Pete, Cope and I hit the tarpon oasis before sunrise on Day 4. We fan out. In relative terms, its a slow start. We reconvene and decide to walk my route from the day before. We wade a parallel line, sun at our back, firm bottom, shallow, clear water. The fishing picks up. Happy tarpon cruising the mangrove line. We call out shots, cheer success and catcall failures.

Around noon, we head back to the house to meet Matt who is fighting a nasty stomach bug. The plan is to head back to the roadside flats. However, the house flat is glowing in the sun, even with the wind there will be excellent vis. We paddle into the gale and stake out. At one point, I see Matt turn downwind, hurl and turn back to scanning. Its the finest display of angling tenacity I’ve ever seen.

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