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Bonefish Camp V - Day 1

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

After nearly a year of missing the flats, Bonefish Camp happened once again.

Bo’s quest for his first ever bonefish began at dawn and ran til dusk. With time, I’ve become a strong believer in the power of three when it comes to a first bonefish.

The trip’s highest tide occurred on day one. Heavy winds and steady clouds meant little vis, but we embarked on a route I dreamed up 11 months prior. A few flats deep in the mangroves kept us paddling.

First fish of trip. Good to be back.

The fish arrived with the tide but seemed troubled. Flies they readily ate in 2019 were ignored. Bo and I meandered across the flats, hoping that this spot or that would be the one. Bo fed a fish but lost out to a rock wrap. Finally, at high noon, I spotted a fish before I was seen. I placed the size 6 Scampi 20 feet ahead and waited. And waited. A small twitch and the fish was all over it. Bo walked over to see what all the fuss was about.

A few minutes later, a fish swam our way. Bo’s first cast flushed it but soon the fish resumed its path. Bo gave a healthy lead. It seemed destined to eat. But no. A refusal and the fish v-waked away. We would cover 4 more miles before another tailing fish was spotted.

We dragged our kayaks across an inch of water, racing against the fading light to reach a place Gabe and I dubbed the sunset flat. Sure enough, when the water became ankle deep, tails shimmered above the surface. Bo fished perfectly this time. A rainbow glowed above him when he lifted his first bonefish.

We paddled back with high hopes that Junior might have found all the fish.

Bo and his first bonefish on fly!

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