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Yucatán Recap - April 10-17, 2022

Never before have small bonefish created such large emotions. The panga day fly-stealing baby bonefish would cause a spike in adrenaline followed by immediate frustration. But the medium sized town flat bones were beyond picky. Forget PhDs, these mfers are doing post-doc research on giving anglers the fin. It was a sweet, sweet victory to trick a few after many tactic adjustments.

Permit were the trip focus and on-foot permit are wild. Like a love child between a rooster and channel monster bonefish. I got some heart pounding follows but no bites. Hal and Gavin both made some contact but no luck. I was so jacked after spotting and getting one cast at a monster tailing in the waves at sunset on day 4 I couldn’t sleep at all that night.

The diversity of species is fantastic. On the final day, during a single tidal change on one flat, I personally cast at 2 large bones, 3 permit (1 follow!), 4 monster snook, a quality jack and two stupid big Cudas. Humbling and invigorating all at once. A good motivator to get back there this fall.

We were lucky enough to be guided for a couple days by my favorite Alaska fly-out guide, Tommy Fleming. His knowledge of the fishery and hospitality was fantastic. We will heading back down for another chance to make the permit dreams come true this October. I am already excited for a little more emotional torment.

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